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5 votes
4 answers

Why am I having problems focusing with extension tubes?

I am adding Kenko tubes to my Nikon 50mm 1.8 D lens. I need some advice. This is my first time using extension tubes. I can't focus. I'm just getting a blurred image. Any advice would be welcome.
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1 answer

Nikon D750 Auto focus

Hi I have just bought a used D750 and am just finding my way around the controls. I have been trying to pot the Auto Focus to AF-C but the following message appears in the panel "This option is ...
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4 answers

Why I am unable to focus at all while using ND filters

Lately, I am unable to focus with ND8 AND ND10 filters put over the kit lenses of my Canon1300D camera. Whenever I try to focus, it allows me to only reach to a point where the subjects are only ...
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How to proper focus for sharper images?

For shooting landscape photos, what is better using manual focus or automatic focus? I seen a lot of people who focus with automatic focus then switch to manual focus, is this so the focus doesn't ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Images Unsharp Or My Criteria Needs To Be Adjusted [duplicate]

I have Nikon D3500 with kit lens 18-55 VR and some other lenses af-p 10-20 among them. As I renewed my interest for photography some time ago, I have some images at the LR scrutiny that were taken ...
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Why can't I get precise focus using my Nikon Df's microprism (compared to autofocus)?

I recently bought a Nikon Df camera. The auto focus point is sharp in photos, but when I focus manually with the same lens and settings the photos are not as sharp as photos shot in auto mode. I have ...
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Why won't Nikon B700 focus close when fully zoomed?

Hello recently I went to best buy and played with a Nikon B500, it was great. I was able to focus on the smallest things, close or far, zoomed all the way in and all the way out. So I went on the ...
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Mismatch between image quality on viewer and actual phtoto [duplicate]

I am using a Nikon D3200 and I think there is a mismatch between the image seen on the view-finder and the image which appears on the CCD array. I have never been able to achieve the sharp focus as ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How can I use a DSLR effectively with progressive eyeglasses?

I was prescribed progressive eyeglasses that should see well at three different viewing ranges; at a distance, mid-range, and up-close. Unfortunately I have issues with using the eyeglasses with my ...
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What's the advantage of many autofocus points rather than fewer spread wider across the field? [duplicate]

I have a D3200 with 11 focusing points: The newer and more expensive bodies have even more focus points like e.g. the D610: I mostly work in Single-point AF mode, which means I choose one of the 11 ...
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