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Flash is a device which provides additional light to a scene. It can be used to help fill in a dark area of a photo, to provide light if there isn't sufficient light to begin with, or it can help to improve the composition of a particular photo, by creating your own source of light.

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Issue with Yongnuo 568EX flash on i-TTL mode

I've just received 2 pieces of Yongnuo YN568EX for my Nikon D610. When I’m on I-TTL mode the flash fires but the image is black (I tried it on each mode: auto, manual, A…), the sound tick-tick twice-...
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What kind of flash should I use for general macro photography?

I want to get started into general macro photography. I have been really stuck on which kind of flash to get because they all seem to come with their own share of pros and cons, and everyone ...
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Simple Explanation of the Hot Shoe Pins on Canon Cameras and Flashes?

I haven't found any thorough documentation about exactly what each pin does and the signalling between a camera (say a T6i) and a flash (say speedlite 600ex-rt ii) looks like. What voltage levels, ...
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Can my Nikon D750 fire a flash while I'm connected to it over wifi?

I'm trying to take photos from my iPad using the wifi connection on my D750, but I can't get the setup to trigger my flash when I take photos that way. Is this a thing that can be done?
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External Flash Only Fires Once

Weird problem - Setup is as follows: D5600 -> Pixel TF-322 hotshoe to sync cable adapter -> Flashpoint FPBF120 strobe. The strobe only fires the first time I hit the shutter button; after that, the ...
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How do I troubleshoot my Nikon SB-400 accessory flash?

I have a Nikon D780 and a Speedlight SB-400 which I use only very occasionally. It used to work great, but today it essentially stopped working. What's strange is that everything appears normal: the &...
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Canon 430EX II flash: Displaying aperture rather than maximum range?

I have several Canon 430EX II flash units. Using the custom function menu, I can change the display on the back of the flash to show the aperture value the camera is set to, rather than the maximum ...
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How do I set up miniTT1 and flexTT5 triggers for high speed sync?

I am using the Canon 80D camera and a Canon 580ex II speedlight and can't get shutter speeds faster than 1/250s with the flash off the camera. Is anyone familiar with the set-up and use of these ...
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Is there a Vivitar 273 flash power regulation hack?

I found this post about a hack to regulate the power of an old Vivitar 283 flash. As I own two unmodified Vivitar 273 flashes, I wonder whether there is a similar hack to modify this model as well to ...
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How can I troubleshoot an external flash that won’t slide all the way into to a Nikon camera?

Why won’t an external flash slide all the way into a Nikon camera? This external flash won’t work; it seems like something is blocking it from clicking in.
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How to fix Canon EOS 1200D flash release hook making a click click click?

My Canon EOS 1200D was working ok until, suddenly, it stopped showing the display. People suggested to take out the SD CARD and BATTERY for some time. This was done. Now any activity on my part, ...
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My Neewer Speedlite 750II is not working

I am having lots of trouble with my flash. I attached it to my camera and the red light was pulsing, but later it just stayed fixed and the pilot button is not working either. I am not sure if it's an ...
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My off camera flash doesn’t turn on?

My flash doesn’t turn on, tried to change battery but no luck. I used it only 3 times for less then 10 minutes. Any ideas what I can do? Flash: Yongnuo YN685.
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Nikon d7100 top lcd ligh turns on when flash is fired

Today while shooting I noticed, that when I use an external flash, the top LCD light turns on. I turned it off, by clicking to the bulb icon as usually, and when I fired again, it turned on once again....
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Connecting Sunpak 2-pin flash plug to JJC BP external battery pack

Would you have any suggestions about hooking up the JJC BP (the one with interchangeable power cable for Nikon, Canon, Sony) to a Sunpak DR12X or 36DX flash with 2-pin plug? Would you know the ...
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Why is my YN-568EX not switching to M, Multi mode from ETTL?

Suddenly my flash is acting weird. It's not switching to modes from ETTL even when it's no camera. But if I long press the mode button it changes to slave and wireless mode and again if I try to ...
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My SB 700 is not working with my nikon D7000

Until recently my Nikon SB700 flash and D7000 were working fine together, but now when I connect the flash I see a message on the screen of the flash to change to manual mode (as it is not working in ...
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How to use YN568EXIII for nikon as a master flash

I bought a YN568EXIII for Nikon to use as a master for my YN568EX Speedlight. I have been having trouble figuring out how to use it as a master for my YN568EX. Can someone help me out?
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Sigma Ring flash

I am using sigma ring flash with Nikon d7100 for 3 years and had no problem. Recently, my images are coming full black eventhough flash is firing. I usually use camera in aperture mode, however, even ...
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Why is my External flash not working?

I recently bought a canon eos 200d and I also bought an Yongnuo YN24EX twin flash however when my camera is on M mode it does not work, but it works on AV mode. Does anyone know how to solve this ...
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Where can I find a Metz P -76 power pack schematic?

I love my Metz P-76 and want to repair it. I have contacted Metz Germany and no reply. Metz Canada tried to find something but were unsuccessful. There does not seem to currently exist any American ...
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Why won't my Yongnuo YN-560-TX trigger power on correctly?

When I turn on my Yongnuo YN-560-TX flash trigger it gets stuck on the power-on loading screen. Can someone please help me?
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