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4 answers

My aperture won’t go any narrower than f/8.0

I am using a Nikon Coolpix p900 with optical zoom lens of 24–2000. I am going to shoot fireworks so I was trying to set up before hand. My settings are on manual, ISO 200 and 1/30, but my aperture ...
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Are electronically parfocal RF lenses parfocal enough for fireworks photography with zoom?

Within a month or so, it's the first time I'll see fireworks as an owner of a good camera and naturally I'm planning to take photographs of them. By researching various fireworks photography sources, ...
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How can I improve my fireworks photography?

During the recent New Year's celebrations I attempted to capture some of the fireworks on display with a rather mixed bag of results that look very little like the stock imagery one associates with ...
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Why did my fireworks photo turn out as "pegs"?

I was trying to take a photo of some fireworks, but it turned out like "pegs". I’m not sure what happened - this was my first time using manual on my Canon Rebel t6 and I was hoping they turned out ...
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How would I edit a DSLR image to look like it was shot on an iPhone?

I got some decent fireworks pictures from this year's Fourth of July show. I was bragging about my "real" camera's ability to take shots like that compared to an iPhone. Some people objected to my ...
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Can I use a remote shutter / bulb mode on a Canon T4i?

I'd like to shoot fireworks with my Canon Rebel T4i (EOS 650D / Kiss X6i). Is there a bulb mode on this camera? What different remote-shutter attachments are available?
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Optimal settings to capture firework at night using Nikon D3200 with 18mm - 105mm Zoom Lens? [duplicate]

I tried take photos of firework using my Nikon D3200 with 18mm - 105mm Zoom Lens in Aperture Mode. But I cannot get a good focus since if happens in sky at different heights. This made most of my shot ...
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Long Exposures of Fireworks. How was this done? [duplicate]

Just saw these amazing long exposures of fireworks by Davey J. How did he do that? I'm assuming it's slightly more complicated than just taking a long exposure on a tripod?
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How to recreate Instagram Lux effect in Photoshop [duplicate]

I am just wondering if anyone knows how to recreate the instagram lux effect with photoshop, here is an example of before and after of the lux effect Before Lux After Lux
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4 answers

How do I achieve fireworks pictures such as the hirobamboo method?

How do I achieve the abstract effect for fireworks that is sometimes referred to as the hirobamboo method? Specifically what types of lenses would work best for this, do I start in focus or out, ...
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How to make a image fade out in two sides just like this [closed]

Ho can you create an image that will fade into the background so that it can be used at various widths (fade out + the same color background color). Thus it could be used at any screen resolution.
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12 votes
3 answers

How to get rid of smoke in this fireworks photo in post processing

This was a 6 seconds on f/11 exposure with 100 ISO. The sky wasn't dark so I couldn't use the black t-shirt trick here. Anyway, how can I lose the smoke using Adobe Lightroom 4 or Adobe Photoshop?
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8 answers

What unique techniques can I use for shooting fireworks?

What settings should I be using to photograph fireworks? covers some of the basics of taking photographs of fireworks, but what special techniques can I use shooting fireworks? I heard about this one ...
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3 answers

Metering mode for fireworks shooting

Following up from this question I would like to know what could be the correct metering mode that I should use to shoot fireworks? Since evaluative mode could be tricked here since the a large area of ...
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5 answers

Fireworks, getting rid of the smoke

Is there any way I can get rid of the smoke (or reduce it to a minimum) when photographing fireworks? Like a minimum distance from the event, position from the wind and surrounding lights? Exposure ...
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28 votes
10 answers

What settings should I be using to photograph fireworks?

As it's heading into firework season (with Thanksgiving, Guy Fawkes, and New Years), I've never been particularly successful at photographing fireworks. In previous years I think I've always had too ...
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