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Why is there a purple blur around fire in photos?

Why is there a purple blur around fire in photos? I'm using a Sony Xperia phone.
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How can I capture the atmosphere of group around a campfire at night?

I need to take a few photos of a camping party after sunset. Additionally, there is a campfire with kids sitting around. Unfortunately, I have no clue how to capture this without destroying the warm,...
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How to do a flaming postprocessing effect?

I found the photo on the Internet: And I'm wondering. How is it even possible? Does this technique have a name? Any thoughts how to do it?
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Why do pictures of fire come out purple?

When I'm taking pictures of my log fire the flames and embers come out in rich shades of purple rather than red. I've tweaked everything I can on my camera; white balance, metering, ISO, exposure, but ...
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