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How can I avoid lens reflection on long exposures using ND filters?

I'm getting lens reflection when I take a long exposure and use a filter. I'm assuming it's because of the gap between the lens and filter so light gets in. See the images I've attached. I'm ...
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What features should I look for in a filter system to avoid buying duplicates later [duplicate]

I’m looking to buy some kind of filter system. What features in a filter system should I as a begginer look for so that I will not have to replace everything (or buy duplicates in other sizesk) down ...
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Can I put a polarizer between an adapter for slot-in filters and the lens?

Recently I came across a set of slot-in filters with decent quality and price, but the main downside was the use of a polarisation filter. It requires a 105mm filter, which costs a fortune. Isn't it ...
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Can a circular polariser be used with a UV filter? [duplicate]

I recently bought a new circular polariser and found an old UV (Haze) filter from the '90s from an old camera of ours. I was wondering whether there are any adverse effects of combining these two ...
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Does using multiple filters reduce the image quality more than just one filter? [duplicate]

Context With regards to filters, I notice that Neutral Density Filters can go from 1-10 stops and sometimes even more. For larger square/rectangle filters, some of the holders can hold three while ...
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Does the order matter in filter stacking?

Suppose I want to shoot a bright location inside, with a shallow DOF, where the temperature is very warm, and on film. Easy, I just grab my ND and 80A filters. Now what? Do I put my ND filter on ...
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While stacking filters, can polarizing filter be placed behind ND filters? [duplicate]

I have a ND filter (10-stop, 100mmX100mm square size) with a filter holder. The filter holder (similar to LEE or Formatt-Hitech holders) connects to the camera with a screw-in adapter (77mm and 82mm)....
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Is there a correct order to stack Neutral Density with a Circular Polariser filter? [duplicate]

I like stacking ND and CP filters and I never really payed attention to the order I stack them. I was just reading a "professional hint" on the LEE website where it states that " the Polariser must ...
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Can I attach more filters to a full frame lens on a cropped body without vignetting than with a cropped lens?

It seems to me that because part of the image the lens is passing to the sensor gets cropped due to sensor size that it would take more vignetting to reach the cropped sensor. Is that right and how ...
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Will stacked ND filters perform as well as a single 10 stop ND filter?

I have the Tiffen 0.9 ND filter which gives me approximately 3f stops reduction. I like to really slow things down and although it's sufficient in low light it just won't do in daylight. Should I get ...
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Why are doubled polarization filters as continuous ND not popular? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the difference between using an ND filter versus 2 polarizers? One thing I was always wondering when it comes to ND filters is why there's need for such a large amount ...
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Is it possible to use a polarizer and a ND filter at the same time?

Is is possible to use two filters (one polarizing and one ND) at the same time on a 18-55 kit lens from Canon. I am new to photography and wanted to work with filters. Do you suggest me buy these ...
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Does stacking more lens filters decrease overall image quality?

As commented by t3mujin in another question: Stacking filters will decrease image quality, as it's another piece of glass light has to go through before reaching the sensor. I was wondering ...
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What is the difference between using an ND filter versus 2 polarizers?

I know what an ND filter does. I know what a polarizer does. I also know what two polarizers stacked together and rotated properly do. So the question: why should I use an ND filter to achieve a ...
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What's the result of stacking ND filters in terms of total stops?

If you stack two 3-stop neutral density filters, does it reduce the exposure by 6 stops or 9 stops?
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