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1 answer

What is this medium format military rangefinder camera?

I came across pictures of an old photography magazine, that features pictures of a camera that seems to be a Medium Format camera with interchangeable lenses. I am curious to try and identify it, as ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to install a filter (or remove one) in a Noblex camera without wasting/exposing film?

Noblex rotating-lens panoramic cameras have the lens inside a drum, which rotates to take a photo, recording a ~130° angle of view on film. Because the lens is inside this rotating drum, there is a ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Accidentally opened film camera, film ruined?

I accidentally opened the back of my film camera while trying to advance it for the second time. I have not taken any photos yet and the film counter currently shows a "S". Is my unused film ruined ...
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What should I look for in a swing-lens panoramic camera?

Which features should I look for in a swing-lens panoramic camera (also called short rotation or rotating lens cameras). Which features should I avoid? There are so many options, I found the following ...
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2 answers

How to load Leica IIIf to avoid problems with film advance, ripped sprocket holes, and short leader?

I was having problems loading my Leica IIIf with 35mm film. It’s not advancing, and some of holes ripped in the effort. After much annoyance and destroying of film (womp), I'm trying to figure out ...
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