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Questions about how much of the scene a camera can see, and what can affect how much is seen.

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Image quality expectation of 2K surveillance camera vs 4K iPhone? Resolution vs field of view

I'd like to be able to identify licenses plates as they enter our cul-de-sac. My question is triggered by a comparison between an Arlo Pro 4 and an iPhone 12. The iPhone produces extremely high ...
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What's the field of view for LIDAR in iPhone Pro 12 and iPhone Pro Max?

It looks like the angles aren't quite 67.3 x 53.06 degrees as this answer suggests: What is the Angle of View of the iPhone XS rear camera?. At least the point clouds I get look better for 75 degrees ...
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Relation between half angle of numerical aperture and angle of view

The numerical aperture is defined as NA = n sin(θ) Where θ is the half-angle. For a lens consisting of multiple elements, is there any relationship between θ and the angle of view of the lens? Can ...
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Is it possible to calculate field of view and aperture given focal length, k1 and k2?

I have some data coming from an API that looks like this: "camera_parameters": [0.785028, 0.032519, -0.053622] and the data structure that I would like to ...
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