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Why is there an air gap between lenses and digital sensors, as opposed to continuous glass-like higher refractive index?

Thinking about ultra-fast lenses (ƒ<1), it would seem useful to have a solid+liquid medium between lens and sensor. This wouldn't have been very practical (presumably) at the time of film, but with ...
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Which should I buy as a starting prime lens, Canon 35mm f2 or Canon 50mm f1.4?

I am pretty new to photography. I have an APS-C camera, Canon 77D with a EF-S 18-135mm kit lens. I want a prime lens for shooting nice bokeh portraits along with street and day to day life photography ...
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Good DSLR camera for ice hockey pictures [duplicate]

My son just started hockey and my pictures are very dark and grainy. The lights are dim. Was looking to get another camera and lens to take better pictures. Would like to stay under $5,000. Any ...
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Best camera for long-range action shooting

I’m looking for a camera type which could provide some of the following functions: Provide high-resolution and detailed photos from long-range. Similar to what a photographer would use if they wanted ...
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What do the sensor differences between the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 and DMC-LX15 mean practically?

So I've been using the Lumix lx7 in the past and was quite happy with it. I don't have a dedicated digital camera right now but I was recently thinking to get one again mainly for shooting fashion. ...
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Are there any MF standard fast primes for Mirrorless APS-C systems that are not available for APS-C DSLRs? [closed]

I am currently using the Canon 700D and think of shifting to a Fujifilm X-T1. I came across the kamlan f/1.1 which is a very fast standard/short telephoto lens. I am looking for sub-750 USD lens, that ...
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Are fast lenses needed for astro photography?

I'm experimenting more with astro photography at the moment, and have seen tips saying 'use fast lenses'. So far I'm usually at around f/4-5.6, so not exactly fast. I know I'm placing more load on ...
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What ultrafast 28 mm lens for nikon f mount offers the least compromises?

I've been looking into the wide angle range of lenses to get as close to the medium format look as possible, and the Zeiss Otus 28/1.4 was a reasonable starting point. After a test, however, I think ...
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Why do zooms have small apertures even around 50mm?

A 50mm f/1.8 prime from one of the major manufacturers can easily be found for $200 or less, but zooms that include 50mm in their range always seem to have much smaller apertures even at 50mm until ...
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What are the practical advantages of fast lenses when shooting landscapes?

I'm still using my 18-105 kit lens on my Nikon D5300, and the (lower) quality of the photo on edges is bothering me, so I want to get some lens that produces good quality through the whole photo. ...
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What factors make a lens brighter? [duplicate]

Let's say I have two lenses of 50mm, one with maximum aperture f/1.8 and another with f/1.4. I understand that when using maximum aperture, for the latter lens more light will get to the film or ...
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Are there lenses f/1 or wider that work on EF or E-mount?

Which lenses have apertures at f/1 or better, and work on cameras like the 6D or A7? In Sony's case, an adapter is acceptable.
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How do I tell my T2i to use a particular spot for AF reference?

I just got a 50mm f/1.2 to go along with my T2i, but many of my photos are out of focus because the AF catches my subject's knee instead of her eyes, despite focusing on her eyes and recomposing. ...
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F1.0 and beyond [duplicate]

can you suggest me lenses as fast as or faster then f1.0, which I can use on a modern Nikon FX DSLR (D600)? It is for artistic purposes, so sharpness, autofocus etc. do not count here. Thank you.
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Is it normal for a fast prime to exhibit purple fringing in middle of the image?

I have just bought a Nikon 50mm f/1.8D prime lens. I took this picture (leg of my glasses frame on a mouse, and a LED desk lamp is on top of it) : f1.8, 1/80s, ISO 200 The purple fringing is right ...
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What is the benefit of a wide-aperture lens if you stop it down?

As an example, say you have two lenses: 300mm f/2.8 being used at f/8 300mm f/4 being used at f/8 My understanding is that by definition the amount of light coming through the aperture means that ...
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Focusing Screen for a Canon 60D using an 85mm f1.2 lens

I've recently bought an 85mm f1.2 lens, which is absolutely amazing, but I noticed after my day out playing with it, that lots of my photos were out of focus, even though they appeared sharp in the ...
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what is the barriers of making fast lenses? [duplicate]

I know there are lenses like f/0.7 However as a beginner I'm wondering what's the barrier of making ultra fast lenses like f/0.01 ? Also if lens manufacturers willing to make wide aperture lenses, ...
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How significant is the difference between Canon 5D and Canon 5D Mark II when using the same lens at open aperture?

Recently I've asked about the difference between two lenses on open apertures: Why do two lenses with the same F-number give different amount of light? We realized that DSLRs gain the real ISO ...
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High ISO or faster lens for a distant evening portrait?

There's a kid in the apartment across the street from my west-facing house. She comes out to their balcony at about 5pm. It's a delight to see her play and I have often tried to capture her smile, but ...
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What causes these green dots in my image?

I just received a 35mm f/1.8 DX lens for my Nikon D50 for Christmas, and took some shots where the lights on the tree were the main source of illumination. Almost all of them exhibit very prominent ...
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Why would a serious photographer buy a lens slower than f/2.8?

It seems to me that the general idea is that, once you start getting to become a decent photographer and are really moving beyond your kit lenses, you shouldn't be looking at anything slower then f/2....
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Is it difficult to focus on 1.4F prime lens, and if it is how to counter that?

Does difficulty in focusing have anything to do with 1.4F (Nikon G)? Will it be still difficult if I use manual focus? Is auto focus too slow? Is there a way to counter it? This example photo (from ...
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Are the Canon 15-85mm + 50mm f/1.8 adequate substitutes for the 17-55mm f/2.8?

The EF-S 15-85mm lens is a relatively recent lens, and I haven't seen too many recommendations on it thus far. However, most of the reviews have been very positive and the lens is said to be optically ...
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What is a "fast" lens?

I've been reading lots of camera reviews lately and have ran across several references to "fast" lenses. What exactly is a fast lens and what are its advantages compared to other lenses?
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What is special about lenses with f-number < 1?

Talking about fast lenses, Wikipedia mentions Nikon TV-Nikkor 35mm f/0.9-Fastest Nikon lens ever made Why don't, for example, f/0.5 lenses exist? Is there some special construction that comes ...
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Do DSLRs play games with ISO when used with fast lenses?

This article at Luminous Landscape claims that Nikon, Canon, and Sony silently boost ISO when their cameras are used with very fast lenses (f/1.2 and f/1.4 principally), the implications being that (a)...
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For sports photography, should I use image stabilization or a faster lens?

For sports, I know that a faster lens would usually be considered more important than image stabilization, but what if, after selecting your shutter speed, your camera is picking apertures that don't ...
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Is there a noticeable difference between 1.8 and 1.4 prime lenses?

I have been shopping around for a prime lens for my Nikon D50. I noticed that the 1.8 is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the 1.4 AF-S. What will I gain for that cost difference? Is it really ...
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