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4 votes
3 answers

How do I remove specular reflection from metal and plastic glasses product photos?

I'm trying to take product photos of some eye glasses. The glasses are metal and plastic. For these photos, the LENSES are REMOVED so they do not constitute a problem. I am trying to photograph the ...
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How to use rangefinder cameras with small viewfinders, while wearing glasses?

I'm quite nearsighted, and have worn glasses or contacts for decades (since second grade). I gave up contact lenses about ten years ago. Before giving up contacts, I bought a Zeiss Ikon 532/16 (...
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6 votes
5 answers

Can you determine if focus is sharp without diopter adjustment if your sight is imperfect?

I've already encountered this question about wearing glasses as a photographer. A more specific question I have is as follows. If your eyesight is not perfect, or your glasses and/or contact lenses ...
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Why do I see the moon as two objects through my DSLR viewfinder if I use eyeglasses?

I use eyeglasses with -1 diopter correction. Few days ago, I photographed the moon during night with my Canon 2000D DSLR. When looking at the moon through the viewfinder, I saw the moon as two ...
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Do eyeglasses affect visual perception significantly enough to impact post-processing work?

I have mild astigmatism, and some times wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. I've noticed that there is some mild visual distortion and chromatic aberration when wearing eyeglasses, as compared to not ...
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7 answers

What focal length of glasses is best for photography?

Eyeglasses have different potential focal lengths. For example, there are reading glasses, computer glasses, driving glasses etc. So, if I am shooting photos, what is the right focal length? The ...
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