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31 votes
2 answers

How does exposure fusion work?

I understand that "exposure fusion" is a method for combining different exposures into a single image. How exactly does it work, and how is it related to HDR?
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How do I capture the moon and its surrounding context?

I wanted to photograph the full moon against a beautiful deep blue sky. I ended up with blown-out highlights of the moon: So I switched to spot metering and captured the moon, losing the blue sky in ...
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16 votes
2 answers

What Software Exists to Perform Exposure-Fusion? [closed]

Now that Exposure-Fusion is gaining interest, we should have list of current Exposure-Fusion software and plugins. What software options exist to perform Exposure-Fusion? For applications, please ...
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How can I make HDR images without the cartoon look?

I am processing some photos intended to show HDR and I mainly want to bring out all the tones of a scene, which is why I took three bracketed shots to begin with. But pushing the detail pretty ...
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Which workflow and processing to achieve Exposure-Fusion?

I know how to make HDR pictures, and I've seen a huge amount of HDR pictures. I dislike most of them. I heard about Exposure-Fusion, which seems to match my expectations. There is one photographer ...
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2 answers

What is the best practice in using LR/Enfuse?

I have Lightroom 4 and have downloaded LR/Enfuse for Mac. I have checked out the information on using Enfuse but with my endeavours are not that happy with the results. That is I was expecting a ...
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3 answers

Is there a situation in which taking exposure bracketed photos at only the widest separation (±3EV) doesn't work?

I sometimes shoot exposure-bracketed photos on my Sony NEX-5R, for exposure fusion in Photomatix. I'm thinking of taking just two photos, at -3EV and +3EV, which are the maximum values of exposure ...
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2 votes
3 answers

What software is recommended to do exposure fusion for real estate photography?

I have read that your can use exposure fusion in real estate photography to reduce overexposed windows. I would like to know which editing program is most suitable for this. I have experience as a ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Is "exposure fusion" different from HDR? [duplicate]

Is "exposure fusion" distinct from HDR compositing techniques, or is it essentially a marketing term for a specific HDR process. Or is it just a synonym for HDR? Or, to put this in "meta" terms, ...
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Automatic exposure fusion

First, I am not an expert in photography, but a programmer. I am currently programming a camera for Exposure fusion, mixing maybe 3 images with different shutter speed. I am looking for an optimal ...
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HDR, exposure fusion, high dynamic range, iPhone

I’m not a photographer but I sometimes take pictures with a phone. As I understand, HDR mode in IPhone’s camera (I have iPhone 5) expands the number of values in a photograph by merging several ...
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What are good settings to use for exposure bracketing? [duplicate]

I take exposure-bracketed photos on the Sony NEX-5R and exposure fuse them in Photomatix. I've found that I've had to use exposure bracketing for low-light photos, to capture the shadows without ...
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