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How do I export layers that are cropped to the document in Affinity Photo?

Quick Explanation When I try to export slices created from layers, the output files are not cropped to the document. I can "Rasterize & Trim" each layer to get the desired output, but I'...
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After exporting from Darktable, I continue getting a message stating, "IMG...CR2 file is currently unavailable"

I'm about 2 weeks new to darktable. I (almost) successfully imported, edited & exported my current project. When I was done editing in darktable, I noticed that about 32 photos didn't export into ...
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Why won't Lightroom let me export with different settings?

I have no idea what happened but my Lightroom stopped exporting. I can open the export window but I can not click any of the settings like size, watermarks, etc. The only thing I can do is to choose ...
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Automation of export from lightroom to a presentation format (e.g. Powerpoint)

I have a few hundred commercial photoshoots in Lightroom Classic organized in a folder structure that follows this format: [Photoshoot name] => [Product name] => Photo files, some are processed ...
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Export out of Order Update LR CC 5.4

Lightroom, having updated to 5.4, exports my albums in with a random photo order. I can't find a setting to change this. Is there a workaround available? Or can this be fixed somehow? Thanks. Windows ...
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Exporting photo

I used the custom feature in the print area in lightroom. I put three photos in one page. I want to know how to save my photo and export it to my desk top. I don’t want to print it using my printer. ...
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