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How much Silica Gel should I put on my Drybox?

How much Silica Gel (in grams) should I put on my 4.6L airtight container? I'm making a Drybox for my film camera.
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Storing beauty dishes?

I have a number of beauty dishes (ranging from 20.5-22.5” diameter and 8-9” depth) and due to the counter reflectors they obviously don’t nest well like other reflectors. Has anyone come up with a ...
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What is the best way to store slides?

I am aware that this question may have been asked many times, but what is a good way to store and preserve slides that were taken after 1980? I am well aware that slides should be stored in a cool, ...
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What is the best semi-stationary storage method for camera equipment?

I have 12 Canon camera bodies (e.g. film bodies like the AE-1, A1, T90, EOS 1N, and digital bodies like the 20D, 5D, and 7D), about 4 'irregular' camera bodies like a Rolleiflex and a Brownie box ...
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Should I remove the lens hood from lenses that I put in my bag?

Is it ok to always have the lens hood mounted on a lens, even when carrying a camera in a bag or is it in any way dangerous? Can I have the lens hood mounted all the time or should I put it on only ...
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What is the best long-term storage for a film camera?

I have a film SLR that I don't plan to use for a very long time (if ever again), but I want to keep it. What is the best way to store it and its lenses so that they remain in good shape? I know heat ...
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Should I leave the lens switched to AF or MF for storage?

When I'm not using the camera, or when the lenses are packed at home, should the lens switch be at AF or MF? Or does it make no difference? And by the way, is it better to leave the lens on the ...
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Magnets and DSLR's -- any problem?

I was thinking about incorporating some small but fairly strong rare earth magnets (like the smaller varieties shown here) into a camera bag for holding dividers in place, holding compartments closed, ...
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Is Dry Cabinet necessary for both a Point and Shoot Camera & a DSLR Camera?

Is Dry Cabinet better or a Dry Box? and is it necessary for (a) A Point and Shoot Camera (b) a DSLR Camera?
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What is an optimal way to organize all the camera equipment?

Ever since I entered the world of digital photography 4-5 years ago, I've been accumulating equipment and various knickknacks. Initially everything went into my camera bag, then the non-essential ...
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How do you store your equipment? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are good schemes for storing photo equipment at home? As my photographic equipment is getting bigger (new lenses, new addons, new bodies) I think I need a better storing ...
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What are good schemes for storing photo equipment at home?

Do any of you have good schemes for storing photo equipment at home? I'd like to have one canonical place for everything to live, ideally in some kind of squarish container that fit on a shelf or in ...
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