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Seiko Epson Corporation, commonly known as Epson, is a prominent manufacturer of electrical products including inkjet/laser printers, scanners and projectors.

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Does Epson have a road map for its film scanners?

I have a desire to purchase something like an Epson v850 film scanner. However given its age I'd like to know if Epson has any published roadmap for future releases of scanners. Especially as I have ...
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Gimp insists on changing Epson SC-P800 black to photo black on plain paper

I'm trying to print an image on plain paper with an Epson SC-P800 printer using GIMP 2.10 on MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave). I can find no setting in the print or page-setup dialogs to set which black ink is ...
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Handmade paper precoating for inkjet printing

I saw a similar question here that was discussed in 2017 so I wondered if there’s any fresh information. I wonder if someone here is experienced in making homemade covering for different types of ...
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Epson negatives scan error

I have an Epson V330 scanner, after long time sitting unused I took it to scan a few negatives. First few scans were okay but then strange stripes appeared, sometimes stripes goes all over negative, ...
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