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Is it possible to get double or multiple exposures on a used SD card?

I’m getting “ghost deer” on my trail cam. They only show up on the night pictures (black and white) and hit the paint palette which turns them into color. Is it possible that a previous image of deer ...
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How can this "double exposure" "ghost" photo happen? [closed]

This youtube video shows a person taking photos of her fiance (at the 3:00 mark of the video) and then when they review the photos, there is a partially see through woman behind him in one of the ...
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Can I do in-camera double exposures on my Canon EOS 600?

I am trying to do in-camera double exposures on my (film) Canon EOS 600. Is there is a way to turn off the automatic wind on or another way to make this possible?
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Pressed shutter button without advancing the film, did i create a double exposure?

I’ve recently bought a film camera, the lomo aquapix ( it can be considered a toy camera ) I’m new to film photography. I took the a picture and then accidentally pressed the shutter button again ...
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Best material to absorb as much light as possible

I take pictures on film and with direct lighting in front of black backgrounds or sometimes in direct sunlight. In both of these situations I want to sometimes cover parts of the subject in complete ...
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How to do this prismatic/double exposure effect?

Hello all, just saw this picture on Instagram and was wondering how they got this effect and what the effect is called? Double exposure?
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Ghosting (not blur) on photos of wind turbines

Because of my job I take lots of photos of people and wind turbines. This means photos outdoors, lots of contrast, and no option to arrange people. I take what I can get. I use a combination of ...
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Is there a term for overlapping images due to incomplete film transport?

When using cameras with manual film transport, it is possible to create partially overlapping exposures, for example by manipulating the transport with the rewind button. Is there a special term for ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to set two exposure values and set them on a loop?

I'm trying to capture a time lapse of the moon rising and would like to set one exposure time for the moon and one for the foreground. Is it possible to save two exposure values or do I have to switch ...
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Can I correct double exposure of 35mm film?

I have a set of developed colour photos taken using 35 mm film which are double exposed. I must have taken a 2nd set of photos using the used film. Can they be corrected?
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