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Questions about the difficulties that disabled photographers face and means to overcome them.

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What types of camera support exist to help a photographer with onset of Parkinson's disease?

I have onset of Parkinson’s, so I have bad hand tremors. Do any round the neck, eye level supports exist which can help me stop camera shakes? This would be for a bridge (superzoom) style camera with ...
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Where can I find a camera for a photographer with a severe acquired disability? [duplicate]

I need advice regarding cameras very easy to use and possibly impact resistant. A friend of mine, who is a very enthusiastic photographer because of an accident now has a severe disability. He can not ...
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What are the biggest issues with wearing glasses as a photographer and how can they be overcome?

To be clear, I'm talking about the photographer wearing glasses. I wear glasses and I find that I continuously need to make sure my glasses are pushed up on my nose and that having things at the ...
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Is it possible to be color-blind and still be a good photographer?

Is it possible to be colour-blind (or color-blind, in the US) and still be a good photographer? Are there any steps one can take to mitigate the effects of colour-blindness? Can you point me to any ...
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Are there any DSLRs with large controls that don’t need good hand-eye coordination to use?

It seems that cameras are getting impossible for people with poor motor skills to use. I have a friend that used to have a camera on a tripod that was fixed to his wheelchair. However he can’t ...
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Is there any photography equipment designed to ease use for the disabled?

The back-story: My father-in-law, who was an active film SLR user earlier in his life, suffered a series of strokes several years ago. He lost most of his ability to speak, and cannot use his right ...
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