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What does an 85mm prime offer that a 50mm does not?

Putting taste/preference/opinion aside, I wonder whether I'm missing something, either on the technical side or the artistic side. My question only addresses the context of digital cameras with "...
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What are the equivalent focal lengths for iPhone digital zoom?

I would like to know what the equivalent focal lengths are when in digital zoom on an iPhone 13 Max Pro – greater than 3X to 15X.
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Canon PowerShot SX410IS

When you first turn the camera on it does not focus properly and is blurred. When the lens is fully extended the lens then retracts itself and switch's off it.
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Digital zoom: Is the exposure computed using the zoomed frame?

I am trying to focus on the differences between digital zoom and cropping an image afterwards. This is discussed in detailed here: Is digital zoom really useful? focused on the compression ...
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Digital zoom disabled on other modes except C2 - Canon G1X

I'm new to photography and I've researhed about this over google and can't find the exact answer on this. I've read that the Digital Zoom option on Canon G1X should be enabled when you choose JPG as ...
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More megapixels to compensate for small zoom (Or: How good is Sony's Smart Zoom?)

Short version of my question: How can I compare cameras with different optical zooms and different megapixels (more megapixels can allow cropping for a fake zoom effect) in order to tell which camera ...
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Is digital zoom really useful?

I've always wondered what is the use of digital zoom, apart from viewing the subject clearly on the LCD display. We can take a photo with the optical zoom and crop the photo to the desired region of ...
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Is there a way to digitally zoom a Nikon D-90 recording video in 720p?

While using the Nikon D-90 Live-View mode to record video in 720p, is there a way to pick the pixels from the center of the sensor? In other words, the sensor on the D-90 is way more than 720 lines ...
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