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The distance that the sensor can be moved along the optic axis while the image remains in acceptably sharp focus. Not to be confused with depth of field.

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Is this diagram I've drawn in regards to Depth of field correct?

This diagram is modelled after a video I saw on depth of field formula and its derivation. I have now learnt a bit more regarding Depth of focus and how it refers to "the tolerance of placement ...
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Why is depth of field not always symmetrical about the object, yet depth of focus is practically symmetrical?

I have found an explanation on this, however I cannot seem to picture what the explanation is saying. From a Toshiba technical article: Remember that the previous subsection mentioned that the depth ...
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What causes images to have flat depth?

I am learning about photography and I remember reading about an effect that causes images to look like there is no depth but now I cannot find what it is called or what causes it. I remember an ...
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Depth of Field for scanning 35mm slides on flatbed scanners (Epson)

I have both an Epson V750 and V850 scanners and am trying to digitize a large amount of slides. The software for scanning does great for color restoration (slides dated from 50s on) but the issue is ...
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How do I specify circle of confusion and depth of focus in practice?

This question is related to this one; I am asking a very similar one because I didn't see in the answers how to arrive to a numeric answer in practice. Suppose I'm going to shoot a portrait and have ...
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Does shift based perspective correction have any effect on focus?

Consider a photographer with an SLR camera and a PC lens attached in its default, unshifted position, standing on the ground at the base of a columned building whose height is X times that of the ...
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Is there a way to add depth map metadata to a jpg?

I want to make Facebook 3d photos directly from the computer. I understand how depth maps work and also how to extract them, but what about embedding them so you can make your own custom photos and ...
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How does aperture affect focus area? [duplicate]

How does the aperture affect the focus area? Here are some examples: With an 35mm(50mm)/f1.8 prime lens What f-value will bring a group of people standing in five rows into focus? What f-value will ...
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What is the difference between depth of field and depth of focus?

Reading this answer I realized that I didn't know the difference between the two depths (of field and focus). Browsing related questions didn't reduce the blur (!) between the two... Wikipedia ...
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What is back-focusing?

What is back-focusing? Is it something I need to be worried about, or can I just live with it? How can I tell if my camera/lens is sufferring from it?
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