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How does the Dell U2412M monitor compare to the U2515H with respect to its coating?

I am looking for information comparing the coating of the Dell U2412M vs. the more recent Dell U2515H. From the information I could gather so far it seems the Dell U2412M has the same coating as the ...
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What color calibration device works best with a Dell U2711?

I have a Dell U2711 that I use for color critical work. I am wondering if anyone out there has tested multiple color correction devices and come up with a best use option for photoshop and working in ...
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2 votes
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Does the anti-glare coating on the DELL U2711 interfere with its use for photo editing and review?

I've been told that the anti-glare coating of the DELL U2711 makes it a poor choice for photo editing, despite the wide gamut. I read many things about this screen on the web, but I haven't found any ...
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How does Dell UltraSharp U2412M perform for photo editing? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What should I look for in a monitor for photo processing? I'm buying a monitor which I'll be using for editing with Lightroom and Photoshop. Problem is I'm far from being an ...
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Standard color space more vivid than Adobe RGB in Dell DELL UP2516D?

I noticed than the Standard preset of colors of my monitor produce more vivid colors than Adobe RGB preset. As far as I know, the monitor can reproduce both sRGB and Adobe RGB. Thought that the Adobe ...
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