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Issue in file selecting to stack in Registax5

I have taken 1998 images of sun using a neural density filter. I preprocessed the images using PIPP and got a list of cropped images which were arranged in order of their quality. But then when I try ...
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How to remove satellite streaks from photos?

I found myself struggling a bit removing satellite streaks from my astrophotography. The best option that I found is to use the Healing brush tool in Photoshop, but this has the danger of removing ...
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Equivalent of the 500 rule for working out how many frames you can take with a given focal length before resetting/moving a manual mount?

I'm new to astrophotography and I don't have a tracker. I just have a light pollution filter, an intervalometer and a camera on a tripod with a few different prime lenses. I'm using deep sky stacker ...
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Will using drizzle for wide field milky way photography provide much benefit?

I don't own a tracker or telescope so the only astrophotography I do is occasional milky way wide fields. Usually 20-30 images taken at wide angle and then aligned and stacked using Deep Sky Stacker. ...
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Why are my stacked RAW images overexposed in DeepSkyStacker?

When I use Deepskystacker for stacking about 40 pictures (RAW) of a Galaxy (underexposed), I always get overexposed tif results. When I stack these pictures in Photoshop and use smart objects and ...
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