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Do Canon dSLRs have something like HDR, ADR, or iso expansion?

I've just bought a Canon EOS 100D/SL1. I was looking at this comparison and I'm not fully happy: ...
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Is "Active D-Lighting, NR" a necessary evil?

Are the settings "Active D-Lighting, NR" in Nikon DSLR necessary evil or should this be turned off (managed through image editor)? What is the effect of this setting on processing time and battery ...
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HDR/ADL/Multiple exposure/Auto bracketing(AE,WB,ADL) - I got confused

What are the main differences between these: HDR ( High Dynamic Range ) ADL (Active D-Lighting ) Multiple exposure Automatic Bracketing ( AE, White Balance, Active D-Lighting ) They look pretty ...
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Can I simulate Active D-Lighting on post processing?

I'm using a Nikon D5000 and I think I get more noise using Active D-Lighting on Auto. If I turn it off, how can I simulate A D-Lighting in post processing? I shoot RAW.
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Why is Adaptive Dynamic Range incompatible with ISO Expansion?

[EDIT: The original main question here was "What is Highlight Tone Priority?" It turns out that Highlight Tone Priority, Active D-Lighting, D+, and Adaptive Dynamic Range all mean the same thing, so ...
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