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How can I better organise and file my photos?

At present I meticulously add metadata as EXIF tags to my photos using Microsoft Pro Photo Tools, which also lets me place them accurately on a map. The thing is I tend to leave photos in a folder ...
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What's a good strategy for choosing which photos to keep?

Each time I upgrade my camera, the bigger file sizes (especially shooting RAW), my bigger memory cards and happier trigger finger mean that my new photos are consuming way more space. I even have a ...
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12 answers

How many photos should I keep?

When I started with digital photography, I used to keep a copy of ALL the photos I took on a backup drive, "just in case". As the years have gone by, I have become more ruthless, permanently deleting ...
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What software is focused on reviewing and organizing images?

If I wanted to just view, sort, and organize (via tags or folders or both), what programs are geared toward doing this quickly? I know I could do this in most any photo editor, but it's not ideal for ...
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25 votes
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How do you select the 10 best images from a set of 300? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What's a good strategy for choosing which photos to keep? I have read that photographers are rarely the best editors of their own images. As digital cameras make it so ...
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7 answers

How should one best manage large collections of photographs?

With gigabytes of pictures accumulating over time, I'm wondering what systems (software, strategies, etc.) people are using to keep track of their collections? Let's say you remember a picture and you ...
17 votes
9 answers

What storage solutions are there for working with large volumes of digital photo data?

I'm dating a professional photographer that has been accumulating digital images at an alarming rate (thousands of high-res images per month). Does anyone have any recommendations of external and/or ...
16 votes
6 answers

I've 'lost' a photo. I know I have it but I don't know where — how can I find it?

A friend has requested a full-res copy of a photo I posted on Facebook a few years ago. Back then I just had a point and shoot, I didn't organize my photos well, and since I have started organizing ...
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11 answers

What's good photo management software for dealing with a huge library?

My wife's computer has probably 100 GBs of photos--thousands upon thousands of photos. We've been using Windows Live Photo Gallery (Windows 7) and things have been pretty good. The features and ...
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8 votes
6 answers

Methods (mechanics) to select a set of pictures from large amounts

When I return form a trip, I typically bring 3000 - 5000 shots per week. For showing them to friends and family, that is obviously too much, so I need to reduce the count down to something like 100 - ...
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How do I identify the object of a picture I've taken?

Sometimes I have a picture which I don't know, or which I have taken a long time ago. So how do you identify unknown stuff on your image? For example I saw this picture, and what is the best approach ...
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6 votes
4 answers

What are best-practices for personal photo organization in Aperture?

I'm curious about best practices for photo and project organization. I'm starting to have too many projects to just have them listed by date, like iPhoto does. I've recently switched to Aperture, and ...
4 votes
3 answers

Are there acid-free labeling systems for archival purposes?

I was wondering if anyone uses a labeling system like one of those hand held 'Brother' labelers and if they have an acid free option for sticking labels to media...? This maybe better asked on an art ...
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