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Is it possible to cite a whole album under the CC license

I want to add a whole album of images to my homepage. All photos stand under the same CC license. Is there a way to cite the album instead of each image individually?
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Lightroom CC relationship between People and pictures

Is there a way to retrieve the database of associations between one person and all the tagged pictures? Both mac Photos and Windows Photos have an unencrypted sqlite database from where it is easy to ...
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What is license of a combined/derived image from CC0 sources?

I have a couple of images which are CC0 licensed. But I want to combine these images and create a new image and use it in a commercial project. Are CC0 licensed images allowed to modified and used in ...
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Images from wikipedia in a book with poor attribution

I have found many questions about "attribution" of work in SE but not specifically about this issue. I've found a book published on paper using many images coming from "Wikipedia". At the end of the ...
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How to make my photos Creative Commons

I need to post some photos to a competition and as a requirement, the rules say that they should be listed as Creative Commons. Can someone tell me how could I make my photos Creative Commons?
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Are there any standards for what a photography credit should look like?

Creative commons is well known for standardizing the licencing of photos, allowing photographers to selectively give away their copyrights. Why any photographer would want to do this is beyond me, but ...
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How do copyright licenses and model/likeness/publicity rights interact, if at all?

I release many of my photos under one or more Creative Commons licenses. One of them was recently uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, and I was approached by a moderator there with an inquiry whether I had ...
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Is there somewhere I can download sample images to use for practicing HDR techniques? [closed]

I'm a student and I have a final project concerning 'tone mapping technique'. I have a simple question - is there a site where I can download the data base for an image HDR? For example as we can ...
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Where do I find stock photography I can use on a Shopify theme? [closed]

I am working on a theme for Shopify, but they require that you provide some stock images inside your theme to demonstrate how your theme would work in a 'realistic' context. The types of images that ...
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What is the best practice for setting JPEG metadata for CC-BY-NC licensed pictures?

I want to publish my pictures with a CC-BY-NC license but I could not find a tutorial how store this information with my JPEG metadata. Is there a best practice? Do services like Flickr, Google+ or ...
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How to attribute Flickr Creative Commons photos online?

I found some nice images on Flickr using the advanced image search to show only those that are creative commons licensed; I want to use the images in a commercial website I am building. One of the ...
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How do I correctly provide Creative Commons attribution on a digital print?

I'm using a photo I found on Flickr that is licensed with the Creative Commons non-commercial attribution license. I'm modifying this photo and then will be giving it as a present to a friend. Does ...
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