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How do I rename presets in Lightroom CC

I have created a few presets in Lightroom CC and, now, I wish to rename them. How can I rename User Presets in Lightroom CC? Please, note the question is specific to Lightroom CC and not Lightroom ...
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Sync photos in Adobe Lightroom CC

I have been using Lightroom CC for some time now and I have grown familiar that all my pictures and work are uploaded and synced to the Cloud. While I enjoy the benefits that come with this behaviour (...
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How to access CC uploaded files in Lightroom Web?

Question: Please let me know if there is a workaround for the Issue below, or if another workflow is advised. This is my first post in Photography and I'm happy to be here! Issue: Lightroom Web is ...
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Lightroom/Photoshop pricing confusion

I am considering getting Lightroom (and/or Photoshop) priavtely as I use them at work and really enjoy them. I am, however, evry confused by the pricing on the adobe page. In particular, how can the ...
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Ensure ALL iPhone burst shoot images are shared via upload for Selection & Editing? How?

Ensure ALL iPhone burst shoot images are shared via upload for Selection & Editing? How? We did a casual photo shoot, lots of burst shots a few months back. We never got around to working on ...
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Is there a way to mass export photos stored in Lightroom/Creative Cloud when quitting CC?

After unsuccessfully trying out several self-hosted asset management solutions, I'm tempted to outsource all my photo storage to Adobe Lightroom / Creative Cloud, which I have as part of an ongoing CC ...
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Lightroom CC sync issues

I have 2 SSDs in my mac and have kept my photo library on my 2nd drive with the library index/catalog file on the 1st drive with no problems. I had to replace my 1st drive with a new one and ended up ...
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