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How do I give a darkroom course without negatives from the attendees?

I will give a short, one-time darkroom course for a small number of people who largely have little to no film photography experience and thus don't own any negatives that can be printed during the ...
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Where can I learn the theory behind photography and camera engineering?

While I do have a basic understanding of the concepts of photography, it would be great to also understand the theoretical background behind the optics and the engineering of modern cameras. E.g. to ...
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How do I start a career in photography? [duplicate]

I am hoping someone can give me some pointers and a little direction. I love photography and I am currently in a rut career wise. I would love to start on a path to make a living of some kind from ...
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Do paid online photography classes have advantages over free online tutorials for a beginner?

I am looking to getting started with the "SLR-Photography". I just purchased an SLR camera (D5100) but I feel I'm taking pretty poor photographs. Now I think the fault lies in the fact that I lack ...
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Are there any photographic qualifications that are worth getting?

Ive been looking at Photographic courses recently, a lot of them seem to be aimed at the complete beginner, or they are a completely un-affordable (By anyone) £20k full time degree. Im looking to ...
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What are good, free online video tutorials for dSLR beginners?

I have just bought a new DSLR, after some years of point-and-shoot photography. Are there any good free, online video tutorials or courses for the basics?
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Where can I find an intensive course in documentary photography?

I am looking for documentary photography courses in English. What I am looking is intensive 3-7 days of hard work and learning on the subject. Course location: preferably UK, but I can also consider ...
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