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Contax tvs I: blurry pictures even though focus lock is on

iso 400 on autofocus lock and P
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My RTS CONTAX can't unwind my film rolls, help and advice please

I am relatively new to film cameras, I am still learning using a film camera. More often use DSLR. I just spent my quarantine days taking a roll of 36 photos with CONTAX RTS. When I got to my last ...
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Can T-43 lens be reused on SLR camera?

I've done half of a stupid thing that is: I've bought a Smena 8M thinking that I will adapt the lens easy. In my rush I've disassembled the T-43 shutter mechanism without knowing that the lens can ...
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Why did my 35mm film turn out muddy?

This image was shot on my Contax G1 with Fujifilm X-TRA 400 film. Though, this was my first time using the Contax TLA 200 Flash - so I did make some mistakes. However most of the shots turned out ...
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What budget DSLR would give me metering with adapted vintage C/Y mount lenses?

Currently, I am using a Yashica FX-3 Super 2000, and over time I have acquired a reasonable set of vintage C/Y mount lenses. In particular, I have a ZEISS Tele-Tessar T* 300mm f/4 Lens, which I am ...
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Can a third-party flash made for Canon be used on a Contax G1?

Is it feasibly possible to attach a third party Flash made for Canon on a Contax G1?
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How long can Contax T2 work with a brand new CR123 battery?

New to Contax T2, I'm going to Europe for about 20 days and I'm wondering if I should bring extra batteries (CR123) with me. Any suggestions?
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Is there a digital body that will let me use analog Zeiss T* MM lenses lenses from a Contax 167MT?

Is there a digital body that will let me use analog Zeiss lenses from a Contax 167MT? They are T* MM lenses. Will all adaptors produce the same focus issues?
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Do Lightroom lens correction profiles for Contax G lenses (e.g. 90/2.8) exist?

I recently acquired a used Contax G 90/2.8 Sonnar lens, which is an amazing piece of glass and was wondering did anyone make lens correction profiles for it?
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