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Questions tagged [compositing]

Compositing is a process of combining multiple images into a single image.

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3 votes
2 answers

Where is the horizon line on straight on shot stock photos with white background?

Let's say I want to use a stock photo like the next one in a simple composite, for example put this person on some other background. Since we can see the full body and especially the legs here, I ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to use imagemagic to build a composite image from multiple photos of a moving object?

I frequently have 10 photos taken from a tripod mounted camera, of an object moving across the field of vision. I know I can painstakingly combine these in PhotoShop/gimp to create one composite ...
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1 vote
2 answers

image compositing to remove telephone wires?

There's a lot of compositing software available. Is there any that can remove telephone wires from a still image? The idea is to shoot still images the same scene from several different vertical ...
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2 answers

How can I overlap a landscape image into the shape of a person's face?

I want to recreate the effect in this picture: You can see it in some Taylor Swift music videos, too. I'm interested in creating a still image like this, and would like to know what this effect is ...
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3 answers

What is it called when two images from different locations are blended seamlessly into one?

I have compiled two images to become one. The one image is from Nova Scotia and the other in Utah. I placed the Utah image on top of the top half of the image from Nova Scotia and it looks like it's ...
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1 answer

Compositing images while preserving focus blur

I want to fix the camera in a static scene and take a few photos of objects, to later composite them into a single image. Some objects overlap in the image plane, and there is significant focus blue ...
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1 answer

Compositing partially-overlapping objects with little depth of field

I've placed a camera on a tripod and took photos of different objects, one object per photo, in different positions. Some objects are out of focus due to little depth-of-field. Some objects overlap ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Is there an automated way to create composites from multiple images of a moving object? [duplicate]

I have a large series of aligned images of an object in motion (camera and background stationary) I want to overlay into a single image to show the object in each frame without any alpha blending. I ...
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How to select objects from image, that are not in another image (in PS)

I need a to do following thing in Photoshop: I have shot series of photos from a tripod, so they all have the same background. I even took a photo of background itself. Then, there were people moving ...
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