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Would this IR-transparent plastic be useful for blocking unwanted control flash?

Pentax's wireless P-TTL system is optical, and requires a control flash. I'm using the built-in flash on my camera, but one can also use a hotshoe-mounted flash with the right feature set. If you have ...
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Why is the D7000 commander mode flash firing during exposure when the manual says it won't?

I'm wondering if I'm using the D7000's Commander mode incorrectly. Page 225 of the Nikon D7000 manual says The built-in flash does not fire [in "--" Option], although remote flash units do. Yet ...
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How do I reduce the light from the pop-up flash as a wireless controller on a Canon 7D?

What are the best work-arounds out there for dealing with the built-in flash when trying to use the Wireless Flash feature of the 7D? Is there a Canon version of the SG-3IR? Or do you use a modified ...
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How does commander mode on a Nikon camera body differ from commander mode a on SB-700 Speedlight?

My Nikon D80 and new Nikon SB-700 both offer Commander mode. I have two questions: When NOT in wireless mode (that is, when the flash is plugged into the hot shoe either directly or with a cable), ...
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