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What's the difference between a colorimeter and a spectrophotometer?

I always used the term colorimeter for display calibration devices. I mean they meter (measure) color: the term was so intuitively describing this fact that I never questioned its correctness. Now it ...
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Is there free Windows software that can be used with a NEC MDSVSENSOR3 colorimeter?

I'm looking to calibrate one of my screens. I purchased a NEC MDSVSENSOR3 a while back. It still works just fine, but I'm not sure if it came with the NEC SpectraViewII software; if it did, I don't ...
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How do I calibrate two displays to the same color? (LCD, LED backlight and CCFL backlight)

I've got two displays. One is approximately six years old: Fujitsu P24-5 ECO (LCD/IPS, CCFL backlight), the other one is a DELL U2412M (LCD/IPS, LED backlight). I've tried to color calibrate both ...
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X-Rite i1 Display Pro - settings for a notebook

I recently bought a digital colorimeter from X-Rite, precisely an i1 Display Pro. I tried different configurations, with and without Flare Correct, small and huge color palette, with and without ...
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Why not use a camera as a colorimeter?

Clearly to achieve reliable results, it is essential to calibrate key parts of the imaging pipeline - particularly the computer display on which images are edited. Few seem to question the ...
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What is the best equipment for a good (semi-)professional color management?

I actually use a GretaMacbeth ColorChecker 24 to be able to produce .dng and have a good color checking. Now it is time to reach a better result, taking in to account a better calibration of the ...
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Are there any good tools to figure out the correct gamma corrections for equal appearence?

Every display device has a different characteristic in regards of how the colours are shown. This can be adjusted by the gamma correction. Are there any good tools that help with finding the right ...
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