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2 votes
1 answer

Purple/violet and blue mixture lens effect around Lobelia Erinus flower

I was only wondering why is this effect on center of lens different than around it. Realme 5 phoen camera. Video of how I move the phone and the effect is always the same ---> https://i.stack.imgur....
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3 votes
5 answers

Pictures of a dark violet flower appear light blue. Is this a lens or a technique problem?

I just got this Tamron AF 70-300mm 4-5,6 Di LD Macro 1:2 for my Canon 500D. I tested it yesterday and it works fine. Only one problem: I took pictures of a flower which is dark violet. But when I ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to get colors right with Nikon D300?

With my Nikon D300 I have been photographing dahlias. I have been unable to get accurate colors of some of the flowers particularly in the magenta-violet range. I have adjusted white balance manually ...
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37 votes
8 answers

Why are there no dark yellows, or bright violets?

In his book The Photographer's Eye, photographer and author Michael Freeman says: Another consideration is relative brightness. Different hues are perceived as having different light values, with ...
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