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Does a green screen have to be green and, if so, what shade?

Subject I have a photogenic small dog and often use her for greeting cards and so on. It would be nice to choose different backgrounds according to the season etc. Hardware At the moment, my equipment ...
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disposable camera film - random pics green, no image, fog

I got a film developed at cvs. It was a disposable fuji. Some of the photos returned were so hazy and green you could not see the image at all. Is there any way to fix these images? Other photos were ...
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Does the d7000 have a problem with green tones?

I recently went on a two week long trip to Italy, where I had the opportunity to extensively use a nikon d7000 (along with a 18-105mm travel lens). Now, after finishing sorting and development of the ...
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Is it ok to shoot plants with a green screen for chroma key?

I need to go outside and take pictures of specific plants in one area, then remove the background, resulting in a just-white background. Right now I only have a GREEN screen (for chroma key). ...
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4 votes
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What caused the sky to turn green in this photo?

I was out taking pictures and after taking a picture of the sun, I took this one and it turned green, and I have no idea how I managed to pull it off.
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Why is the Fluorescent filter for a flash green?

I just bought a Nikon SB-910 speedlight. The filter that comes with it to use under fluorescent lighting it green, why is this? because certainly to my eye there is not a hint of green under normal ...
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How do pros manage to make the color green so bright in their nature photographs?

I am an amateur photographer, I had a question how do professional photographers manage to make the green color so bright in their images. For example:
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How do I best take pictures against "green screen" background?

I've been asked to take head-and-shoulders portraits of some people against a "green screen" — presumably to make it easier to then paste those shots into another picture. I've never done this before,...
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