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Will there be (stronger) colour banding on 8bit wide gamut display when working in sRGB?

Let's say I have a monitor (8bit colour depth) that covers 100% AdobeRGB. Now I want to work on photos in sRGB for whatever reason. Will the monitor show in sRGB application more granular colour steps ...
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Photos for blog. Color depth more than 16,7 Million color variations (24 BitsPerPixel)

I want to use photos for blog. Nature, landscapes, fitnes. I use photos which have 16,7 Million color variations (24 BitsPerPixel) now. Is it possible to use photos which have color depth more than ...
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How many distinct colors are in dci-p3 color gamut

I'm trying to figure out how many distinct colors are in p3 color gamut, can't seem to find the answer anywhere. What I want to figure out is what is the minimum color depth required to fully support ...
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Can the same sensor have different dynamic range and color depth in different camera makes?

The Nikon D7000 and Sony A55 were found to have the same sensor. But during testing, which I understand is subjective- DxoMark (dubious reputation, I'm aware) revealed that the D7000 has a much ...
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What's the brightness depth of IPhone 5 camera in bits?

Likely this will be the same as the color depth in bits per channel. For digital cameras it can be 8bit or 12bit and sometimes as high as 14bit. What is it for the IPhone 5?
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3 answers

How does color depth differ from camera to camera?

Which is part of the camera that is responsible for color depth of the images?Is it the property of the image sensor or the image processor of camera? And why do it differ from cameras?How much effect ...
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What do the measurements for colour depth mean?

Colour depth is often referred to as being X bits. What does this mean and how does it effect a photograph? What scale is used, i.e. is it linear, exponential, logarithmic, etc.?
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