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4 votes
3 answers

Lanyard colours which are both high contrast and suitable for colour blind attendees

In a recent weekend long game, we started using colour coded lanyards to determine players photography preferences: Black: No photography restrictions (take and publish without tagging) Orange: No ...
14 votes
7 answers

How to set tint if one is colour blind?

How should someone with red-green deficiency in colour vision set tint in Lightroom or other post-processing tools?? Are there any external tools (other than asking someone) that say whether white ...
27 votes
7 answers

Is it possible to be color-blind and still be a good photographer?

Is it possible to be colour-blind (or color-blind, in the US) and still be a good photographer? Are there any steps one can take to mitigate the effects of colour-blindness? Can you point me to any ...