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Is there software that help me pre-visualize photowall collage before I commit to hanging the photos?

I have around 10 8x10, 100 4x6 (few portrait and few landscape) printed photos. I would like to create a photowall using these pictures. However, would like to put these pictures in a tool and want it ...
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What Lightroom settings should I use to export photo collages for printing?

I have several collages composed in Lightroom, and would like to print them at 21x15. Can you please recommend appropriate Lightroom settings for exporting them? I would like to avoid any crop or ...
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How can I create a collage of over 2000 photos?

I'm struggling with how to make a collage of photos, I've googled all potential terms I think but the only thing I could find was online collage makers. Problem is, I have 2300 photos and they need to ...
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Which photo montage/collage software can do this transition effect?

Was trying to create a photo montage and saw a nice transition effect in Wedding montage by Alex Tan at time 0:39 - 0:40 I not sure what this effect was called: ...
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Suggestions what I can do with 26 images of the same scene taking in different seasons [closed]

I have 26 copies of a scene taken in different seasons from the same position. They are not all perfectly aligned, but can be aligned manually. Here is 1 copy below Can anyone suggest what great ...
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Is it important to use a round number for ppi when printing?

A Collage I am working on will be 48" X 72". I was planning to make 24 X 24 collages and stitch them together. Based on software limitations, my maximum size is 5120 X 5120 Pixels. That would give ...
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Sharpening for Collage printing: individual images or once for the whole thing?

I have about 200 photos which I have to make into a single big collage (48" X 72"). The height might vary, the width is fixed. I shoot raw and have the individual photos in Lightroom. I will ...
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What software can make collages which look like multiple Polaroids on a wall?

Does a specific software exists which could simplify the process of making collective images such as these? ... preferably with some options (like "pins", some visual effects on the "polaroids" etc). ...
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How to create a 'collage' type image in Hugin

I use Hugin for multiple image pano shots, but recently I'd like to create a shot where the seperate images still line up to make the larger picture as in a traditional pano, but are distinct. Is ...
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Suggestions for a passport collage [closed]

I have a few passport sized photos of a person, spanning his entire childhood. Could someone provide me with some creative ideas to make a collage or arrange these photos in a single image? I am ...
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How does one create a Diptych or Triptych with angled/non straight lines between the photos?

How can I create a Diptych/Triptych or any collage for that matter with the individual photographs not in a regular rectangular shape. An example may be say 2 photos intersecting at the diagonal. ...
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What is it called when you put a sequence of photos together to show an event?

I just been taking photos of a demolition of a building and I am trying to remember what the technique is called when you go in Photoshop and put a sequence of photos together to show the event. What ...
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recommendations for photo montage/collage software [closed]

Free is good, good quality results are better. I'd like to automatically create collages from a set of photos that were collated by hand. I'm interested in what the software can do rather than ...
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