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Which “square filter” brand does this hood belong to?

I’ve bought this hood in a flea market some time ago thinking it’s a Cokin one but actually it’s not compatible. Notice the different notches. So I wonder what it is, so maybe I could pass it on when ...
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Can I use a screw-on variable ND filter together with a square filter holder?

I have a K&F variable ND screw-on filter. I want to buy the Cokin Z series holder for graduated ND filters. Is it possible to use the Cokin Z holder with GNDs together with the variable ND screw-...
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Vignetting after using circular polarizer and cokin system

I have Nikon D750 camera with a lens having a focal length from 24-70mm and lens diameter 72mm. I have bought a circular polarizer and Cokin P system filters with a wide-angle filter holder. But there ...
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Is the Cokin 173 filter just a backwards CPL?

The Cokin "Varicolor" 173 filter is a polarization filter of sorts that they sell for their various filter systems. Apparently its purpose is to provide some sort of polarization-dependent blue/yellow ...
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What size adapter ring do I need to mount the Cokin P Series filter holder on my lens?

I have an Olympus E-510 with the 14–45mm lens. I am interested in buying the Cokin P Series Gradual ND Filter Kit with Holder, but it does not say for which lenses it is suitable. Is it going to be ...
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What Cokin Filter system do I need for my setup?

I'm getting into my landscape photography a lot more and struggling with exposures, so it's time to get a filter system. I own an array of lenses; EF17-40mm, ...
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Filter systems and adapter size [duplicate]

I want to purchase an ND filter and ND grad filters for my cameras. For lack of better terminology, I want the square ones. My lens sizes are 67mm and 77mm. I realize that I can use an adapter so ...
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What are the outer dimensions of the adapter rings for Cokin Z/Lee filter holders

I was wondering if someone could tell me the outer diameter of the adapter rings for the Cokin Z or Lee 100mm filter holders. I am trying to adapt a Matte Box that someone has given me, that appears ...
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