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What is the best shutter speed for fast-moving clouds?

I was wondering if anyone has a rule of thumb for shutter speed when shooting fast moving cloud? If you want to freeze it, that is. (I appreciate it depends how strong the wind is blowing.) I've ...
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When looking at cloud cover predictions for landscape photography, should I select my location or that of the distant mountains?

I am photographing mountains 50 miles away. If I want predict cloud cover — I'm looking for low clouds for sunrise — which location should I choose? Should I choose where I am standing, or the cloud ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Visible sun beams - what are the conditions for them to appear?

I am sure everyone seen at least once the sun beams live, or in a photo. Here is the example (although it's my work, no advertisement intended): Recently, while driving I have seen similar sun beams ...
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How do I interpret weather forecasting data for landscape photography?

In order to have better planning for my landscape photography, I'd like to better understand weather forecasting data. I already know some things like: A cloud coverage between 30 and 70% is the ...
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All-sky imaging camera recommendations

I am looking for a camera (with a fisheye lens) to capture low temporal resolution (0.1 Hz), reasonably high pixel resolution (1 mega pixel) video. It will be installed in a weather proofed housing ...
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3 answers

Dynamic range of Sony RX-100

attached you will find two photos I have taken, exposure manually. I have taken these with a Sony RX-100 and as you can see the sky is overexposed while the landscape is exposed "alright". I was ...
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Lens/equipment recommendations for cloud photography

I have a Nikon D3100 (with kit lens) and wonder what I could do to improve my feeble attempts at cloud photography. I read a little about polarizing filters and ordered some. (in the mail at this time ...
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16 votes
4 answers

How can I improve my photographs taken on overcast or cloudy days?

I'm interested in filters, flash & lighting options, composition, and post processing. Is it possible to get really vibrant colors or should I give up on that and focus on dreary, muted, or black ...
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12 votes
5 answers

What camera settings should be used to capture sky shots without over exposing the clouds?

I have spent some time photographing landscapes with blue sky and white clouds, but the clouds always come out overexposed. I have tried different settings and still have the same result. What should ...
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