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Why are camera sensors green?

When I look at a CMOS sensor it's green. But CCD sensor. photos in the internet show pink sensors. So what exactly defines the color of an camera sensor? Especially what defines colors of the ...
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Why exactly do "CMOS astrophotographers" prefer CMOS sensors?

This answer to How can I avoid star trails without an expensive tracking mount? is consistent with this answer to What is synthetic tracking, and why would a 35 cm Earth imager be 10-30x better than ...
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Bayer color effective true resolution [duplicate]

Because in a typical digital camera, each pixel records only one color though use of a Bayer filter or similar mechanism to achieve color vision, the true resolution of a ## megapixel sensor is ...
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Which is the link between a digital ISO value (e.g. 100) and the sensor sensitivity?

There are many questions about ISO (such as 1 and 2), but none of them answers my precise question. My doubt starts from the exposure formula (for instance let's consider it in linear scale): My ...
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