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A card reader is a device that transmits data from a memory card to a computer, usually through a USB connection.

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Does an XQD USB-C Card Reader exist?

I want to be able to read photographs from my XQD cards via my new MacBook Pro which has only USB-C ports. Does any card reader exist to allow me to access my photographs?
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What are these strange folders in my SD card's DCIM folder?

I'm using a Canon 600D for photoshoots and went to back up images of my last few practice sessions. Using a USB SD card reader, the files in the image below made themselves apparent. I'm not sure if ...
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SDXC card not readable in photo printing machine

I use a 64 GB SDXC card in my T6 camera. When I take the card to a retail store that has the card reading machines for printing pictures, I always get the message "images cannot be detected" Why is ...
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Attach camera via USB, or remove the cards from the camera? [duplicate]

I've always removed the cards from the cameras and used a high-speed good quality card reader, and find it totally strange to connect the camera via USB instead. A comment elsewhere prompted me to ...
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Where did the horizontal bands come from? [duplicate]

I've got horizontal colored bands in photos copied to my computer that were not there when I viewed the photos on the camera. I eventually ruled out everything else and determined that the USB card ...
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Is it better to transfer photos by removing the memory card or by directly using a data cable?

I can download the pictures from the camera using the data cable or I can unplug the card and plug into my PC's card reader. Both work and I couldn't notice big differences in speed or reliability. ...
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Is a card reader faster than connecting camera via USB?

I've heard that compact flash readers allow your computer to much faster read the photos off the camera, than when you connect your camera over USB. Is that true? What about other card formats, like ...
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Recommended cheap and fast SDHC USB card reader?

I need a few cheap and fast USB card readers, mainly for SD (16GB cards), CF support would also be nice. Any pro/cons about: Vivanco Transcend P7 Lexar Professional Dual-Slot USB Reader SanDisk ...
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