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Canvas is a durable fabric sometimes used as a surface for photographic prints. This tag should not be used to refer to the metaphorical canvas used in some image editing programs.

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Printing picture on a canvas [duplicate]

I am trying to print a picture on a canvas, I would like the canvas to be 16x24 in size. I was told that my picture is 75 DPI, is the resolution good enough for the canvas to be nice and clear?
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Is Photography a viable option in creating digital copies of Painted Canvas, ready for high quality Prints?

I am currently helping to put together a website for an Artist, who paints to Canvas. They would like to create Printed Copies of their Painted Canvas work. The only way I can think of achieving ...
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Too low DPI for canvas [duplicate]

For my mom's birthday we had a photoshoot with the grandchildren. The photo we would like to print on a canvas is 3530 x 2353 and the desired size is 140 cm x 93.3 cm. Now the software says that the ...
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Photo resolution for a large canvas

I'm trying to resize a photo taken with a Canon 5D Mark III for a 36" X 72" canvas at 300ppi through Lightroom 5. I exported the photo at H: 10800 X W: 21600, but the printing company is telling me ...
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Are canvas prints lower resolution than poster prints?

I'd like to get some high-res photos printed (on 18x24 and 30x40), but from the photos I've seen of the end result, they seem lower resolution than printing on poster paper. Is this true or is it just ...
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Where to get IKEA Premiar sized canvas prints for the same rate?

IKEA sells high quality canvas prints (PREMIAR series) for $130. These prints are 78" * 55". Where can I get similar sized canvas prints for my custom photo for the same price? I don't think anyone ...
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How to fix uneven/gradient lighting on a canvas with white background?

I have a photo of a pencil drawing made on paper, taken with a hotshoe flash on the DSLR and two polarising filters (cross polariser technique for canvas photography). The problem now is that when ...
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Will my photo look good as a canvas?

I am planning on printing this photo as a cavas, but i'm worried that the photo does not have enough contrast to look good when printed on canvas. Any coments on if you think it will suit canvas or ...
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Where can I get poster printing for higher resolution than 5400 x 3600 for 36" x 24"?

The highest "common" resolution I've seen for printing a poster is 5400 x 3600 for the reasonable price of (~$15), but I have the ability to make the images I want to print (procedurally generated) as ...
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Will Milky Way photos show too much grain when printed at 12×18"?

I want to print out either of these two Milky Way Photos on a 12x18 size photograph (Or vice versa if it is horizontal). ...
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picture resolution to a canvas print [duplicate]

i would like a picture on a canvas print 40inch x 22inch. The picture is 96dpi. Will this be okay to get a good clear picture, if not what would be?? many thanks
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What is a suitable image resolution for canvas prints?

I would like to create a 60 inch x 20 inch canvas print using an image with a resolution of 4759x1798 (240 pixels per inch) and I would like to know if the image quality will still be good at that ...
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How durable are photographic canvas prints to moisture and humidity?

I want to put photographic canvas prints on stretcher frames in my bathroom, how bad of an idea is this? Obviously it depends on how wet my bathroom is, but I would call it fairly typical, and it does ...
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How can I print onto a large, textured surface?

So, I am wondering if anyone out there can help me with an issue. I am looking to print a semi-translucent image in large format onto a large canvas board that has already been painted and textured. ...
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What online services provide on canvas printing?

Can anyone recommend an online provider and/or method of canvas printing of photographs? It doesn't need to be wrapped around gallery style stretched canvas, but just a way to remotely have ...
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What are the best practices for taking pictures of a canvas?

Please share your experience about: Lighting Objectives Setup Colorimetry Photo-Editing ...
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Alternative media for printing photos

The standard way to print photos is on paper, but I'm noticing in particular two alternatives that are starting to make a bit push, namely Metal and Canvas. So, my question is, why would I want to ...
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What do I need to take into account for printing to canvas?

I've got a couple of pictures I was considering getting printed onto canvas. Is there anything particular I need to take into account? I'm thinking of things like photo resolution, colour profiles ...
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