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Questions tagged [canon-s90]

The Canon Powershot S90 is a high-end compact digital camera released in 2009.

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Which neck strap would be comfortable to use with a compact camera (Canon S90)?

After many near-misses with the supplied wrist strap I've decided I have to use a neck strap with my S90. I want something light, unobtrusive and comfortable. Currently I'm using thin elastic cord but ...
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Has anyone any experience of the Flipbac Camera Grips?

I was looking at Flipbac Grips for my Canon S90. Was wondering if anyone had any comments to share about them. Yes I'd prefer Richard Franeic's custom-machined aluminium version but I'm too miserly. ...
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4 answers

Should I use a camera wrap to protect my Canon S90?

Just got a lovely Canon S90, sits in my bag at all times and is already giving me much joy. A quick question - should I put it in a camera wrap or will the built-in lens cover provide the protection ...
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Preventing blown out skies/ Taking low light potraits with Canon S90

I have been using S90 to take pictures for sometime now. After seeking advice, in this forum, on DSLR's for good photography I have been convinced with strong arguments to stick to the compact for now....
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4 votes
2 answers

Is there a reason the Canon S90 is still more expensive than its successor the S95?

I've been dithering about getting an S90 for a year or more. Then of course the S95 came out and it looked as if this model came without the few and largely trivial things users objected to e.g. ...
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