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Forcing flash on canon Ixus 240?

Bought a canon ixus 240 off ebay a few months back and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to force flash on. The two settings that are available to me are either no flash or auto flash which ...
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How to force my Canon Ixus's flash to flash even when there is enough light?

I have a Canon Ixus 430 (2004). When the room is flooded with sunlight on very sunny days, then the flash refuses to flash (in Manual mode) - it seems assumed that there is enough light without flash....
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Can this glitch be reproduced?

I used to own a Canon IXUS 400 that was glitchy. Here's an example of a glitchy photo that it took: This glitch has been documented here, and the manufacturers used to offer free repair of the ...
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What can cause massive overexposure on a Canon IXUS when zooming in?

I have been using Canon IXUS 130 for some years and it has been giving decent good photos and videos. Strangely, few days ago, whenever I use the telephoto zoom and take a picture, the picture is ...
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IXUS 70 and astrophotography

I performed astrophotography at the time where CCD were experimental devices. The world has changed, my immediate passions too, and today my camera is a compact (but enough for everyday use) consumer-...
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What is the largest memory card that is supported by the Canon IXUS 960 IS?

My wife has a Canon IXUS 960 IS, and she's finding that she is filling the 2Gb cards I'd originally got for her too quickly. I know that some cameras have a maximum supported capacity for memory ...
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