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Canon 5D Mark IV - 4K Crop Factor [closed]

The Canon 5D Mark IV was launched with a crop factor of 1.74X back in 2016. Is this crop factor now lower thanks to a firmware upgrade as was rumoured back in 2017? The official spec sheet does not ...
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How to fix Canon 5D Mark IV with a Battery Communication Error?

I have a Canon 5D Mark IV with a Battery Communication Error. On switch on, an error message appears checking that you are using a genuine Canon battery, which I am, and I also have bought a new ...
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Wandering focus between shots 5D Mark iv

I've been using my Canon 5D Mark iv in a professional capacity for almost five years, and a few months ago I started to feel like it wasn't sharp. Of course at first I thought this would be a lens ...
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Rings in SOME of my canon 5D mIV shots

New camera - old lens. I shot these with the Sigma Art 35mm on my new Canon. It's not on every shot. has anyone see these before? Looks like it MIGHT be happening with shallow depth of field. ...
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How do I display vertical images from my 5D Mark IV sideways?

Sometimes my clients want to see vertical shots that I’ve taken of them. However, the camera displays the vertical image horizontally, making it really hard to see what’s going on. I’d prefer it if ...
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Why is my 5D Mark IV suddenly taking extra time while turning on?

I have a Canon 5D mark IV. It was working fine till a few days back. Suddenly it has started taking around 5-8 seconds to turn on. I can't figure out why this is happening. Does anyone have a clue ...
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Why can't I set 2nd Curtain Sync on my Canon 5D Mark IV?

I can't seem to set my camera to 2nd Curtain sync. The only options I get are 1st curtain and high speed sync. I have both the camera and speedlight on manual, and I've also tried the speedlight on ...
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How to stop Canon 5D Mk IV from switching to SD card automatically when CF card is removed?

I have both a CF and an SD card in a 5D Mk IV when shooting. "Record func+card/folder sel." is set to "Standard" and the camera is set to use the CF card. However, whenever I turn off the camera and ...
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Are the autofocus parameters independent from the selected case?

The behavior of Canon's AI Servo AF autofocus can be modified by choosing one of six presets, and can be customized further by adjusting the Tracking sensitivity, <...
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Can one YN600EX-RT II act as a transmitter only for another YN600EX-RT II?

Can a Yongnuo flash YN600EX-RT II mounted on a Canon 5D Mark iv (or any canon camera for that matter), trigger another YN600EX-RT II mounted on another tripod, without triggering its own flash ? (...
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Canon 5D MkIV one focus point is unmovable, flashing

I ma having an issue that - no matter which focus points I select - one is permanently flashing. I do not know what this means or how to change it. Restarting the camera did not help. As you can see ...
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