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An entry-level DSLR from Canon, release in 2003. Also known as the Digital Rebel or Kiss Digital.

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DSLR cannot focus after short drop

Have an old Canon 300D which suffered a drop onto hard floor from less than half a metre. It was in a bag, with a lens attached, and there is no visible damage. However, it seems to have lost the ...
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Why is my Canon 300D not switching on despite changing both batteries and the CF card?

My Canon 300D is 12 years old and has worked perfectly until now. It will not switch on. Nothing lights up. There is no change to anything when the power button is switched on. Changing both batteries ...
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Is there an easy fix for this Canon EOS 300D Compact Flash problem?

I think my trusty EOS 300D is beginning to show its age and is suffering from a worn out compact flash slot. Over the course of the weekend I've been seeing a mixture of "No CF", "Full CF" or "Err 02"...
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Why can't I read a 2GB CF card from a Mac or PC after having formatted it on a 300D with a 1.1.1 firmware?

Although I can still access the CF card from the camera, I can take pictures and browse them. It's just that the mac can't mount the CF card anymore (I can read other cards). The same card was working ...
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