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Questions tagged [canon-1ds-mark-ii]

A flagship full-frame DSLR from Canon, released in 2004.

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Why don't high end cameras have built in functions that much cheaper consumer cameras (and even my toaster) have?

The cheap 2000D has both wifi and gps in it, however a top of the line professional 1DX Mark II doesn't. In the age where even my toaster has wifi capability that communicates with my phone to make ...
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Canon 1Ds Mk II's scratched Low Pass filter. Now what?

Besides our workhorses (Canon 5D3 and 60D), we have an old camera - Canon 1Ds Mk II which has its OLPF scratched. That is, the camera works (ok, more or less because the signs of time are present on ...
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What are the pros and cons of a cheap 3rd-party wireless remote control for Canon 1Ds Mark II?

I have a Canon 1Ds Mark II. This means that it has a N3 connector for remote control. I found something affordable here but unfortunatelly they doesn't provide too much informations about the product ...
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