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Questions tagged [canada]

A North American country located north of the USA. It extends from the pacific to the Atlantic, all the way north into the Arctic Ocean. There are opportunities to take fantastic pictures from coast to coast to coast, and even beyond!

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What is a photography release form? Do I need them for group shots?

I'm an amateur photographer trying to build my portfolio, most so far with just family or animals. I sometimes post my shots on Facebook. I've been asked to photograph a band in a couple of weeks at ...
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Signature logo on photos by hired photograph

In Canada, if an event organizer hires a photographer for a private event, can the organizer ask to get the photos with exlusive publishing rights without a signature logo? Thus denying the ...
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How to take good photos of meteor showers with a smartphone?

So there is a meteor shower on August 12th in British Columbia, Canada, and I was wondering if there are any tips on taking photos of the meteor shower with a smartphone? Or should I simply take a ...
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Do you ever need model releases for your own children?

Location: Canada I am wondering what is the best course of action for getting a model release form signed for your own children for any work or photos that one person would have. I live in Canada and ...
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How do I find a trustworthy online Nikon retailer in Canada?

I rarely use online shops and I had never shopped cameras online! Today I just checked and it just doesn't look right to me, it does not look as good as and also says ...
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Where can I find official resources for Canadian law on photography?

I know 99.9% of you are not lawyers, and I'm not really looking for advice as I have a reasonable idea of what the law allows up here. What I'm looking for was places I could go hunting to build a set ...
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In Canada, who owns the copyright to a photograph that has been taken by a hired photographer?

According to The Canadian Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42) Section 10.2.a states: (2) The person who (a) was the owner of the initial negative or other plate at the time when that negative or ...
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