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Questions tagged [cameraphones]

A cameraphone is a cell phone that has a camera built-in.

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9 votes
5 answers

Why does my HTC cell phone lens appear so dirty, and how can I clean it?

My cell phone lens that looks dirty; or, I'm not even sure it qualifies as a lens — it's the transparent cover. See the photo below. I'm not sure if the lens was always like this or it happened at ...
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25 votes
6 answers

How well do smart phone light meter apps work?

There are a number of smart phone apps which use the phone's camera as a light meter. How well do these work? The metering built into most modern cameras is very powerful and accurate, but in some ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What's the professional approach to removing noise from a cell phone pic?

I have a cell phone photo that's a bit grainy and slightly blurry. It's not the out-of-focus type of blur, but the blur brought on when edges run together due to lack of sharpness. I have Adobe ...
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27 votes
7 answers

How do I get the best results with a cell phone camera?

I know cell phone cameras are the lowest rung, but when reading reviews of phones, the reviewers always have sample shots that are much better than what I can manage. What are some ways to take ...
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6 votes
2 answers

What are some camera-phones with decent shutter-release response (or workarounds)?

Whilst a cell phone camera is never going to be the greatest, it does excel in one area - you generally have it on you all the time. So having a good cell phone camera is a nice thing to aspire to. ...
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8 votes
12 answers

Will point-and-shoot cameras be able to compete with camera phones? [closed]

As camera phones become more and more sophisticated, will they ultimately replace point-and-shoot cameras?
24 votes
3 answers

What makes a Carl Zeiss lens so special in a smartphone?

There are smartphones on the market that have a focus towards photography. Some are equipped with a Carl Zeiss lens. I have looked into Wikipedia, which tells me that they are a brand who produces ...
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