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camera is moved during exposure

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How can I determine the minimum shutter speed to avoid blur from camera shake?

How can I determine the minimum shutter speed at which I can effectively avoid camera shake while hand-holding the camera?
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How can slightly blurred photos be improved in post processing?

I have heard quotes which say "If its not good, delete it." I go by that advice, but sometimes you capture some precious moment but you see that photo is slightly blurred because of camera shake. I ...
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Where does the ¹/shutter speed = focal length rule for hand shake come from?

The generally accepted rule of thumb is that the shutter speed must be the same or larger than the inverse of the focal length. As is, it seems that it makes no sense as is: On a 24 Mpixels full-...
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Focus problem vs. motion blur vs. camera shake - how to tell the difference?

I'm not sure if the title of the question captures what I mean, but it's hard to be succint in the space allowed. Suppose you have a picture that is not as sharp as you think it should/could be. (...
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How can I hold my camera steady?

I've been an amateur photographer for some time, but have always had problems holding the camera steady. I've developed some tricks like using a flat surface and the self timer in low light, and of ...
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What reduces blur from camera movement more: large aperture or image stabilisation?

In the reviews of lenses with image stabilisation systems there are quite often written the quality of its performance represented by the number of f-stops (2-4 f-stops). As far as I understand, it ...
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Should I keep Image Stabilization (IS) off when I do not actually need it?

I own a Canon 7D and a EF-S 15-85 IS lens and I keep the image stabilization turned on all the time. Recently, an experienced photographer told me that this is a huge mistake because it reduces image ...
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What software could I use for aligning time lapse stills to remove camera shake?

I've been playing around with some time lapse sequences shot from the roof of our building in New York. It's terribly windy and the resulting sequence exhibits some slight camera shake. I'm seeking ...
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At what shutter speed threshold does a tripod start to matter?

I use a Nikon D7000 with a prime 35mm/f1.8 lens. I usually shoot at the highest aperture with 200-1000 ISO, holding the camera steady and taking 6 or more shots in the hope of at least one coming out ...
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When and where do you need to use a tripod?

I am looking into use cases where the use of a tripod is very effective or necessary. Though in theory every possible shot can be taken with the help of tripod, in real life I do not think that is ...
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5 answers

Digital zoom versus optical zoom for minimising camera shake

Here's the scenario: every so often our garden plays host to some small deer. Naturally, I try to take pictures of them. From inside the house, I can get a decent shot with full zoom on my camera. ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Pros and cons of using mirror lock-up?

I read that it is a good idea to use mirror lock up to avoid camera shake. What are to disadvantages of using mirror lock up? I enjoy street photography, using a Nikon 28-70 mm lens and where ...
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In an image with camera shake and a point light source, can the shape of the point light source be used to practically reduce the shake significantly?

Often said "you could compute out the camera shake if you knew the blur function"... One area frequently plagued by shake: Night photography. One thing frequently found in night photography: Stars ...
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4 answers

Is it possible to fix severe blur from camera shake after the fact?

So I have this one photo of my midterm material, but stupid me didn't check it first when I took it and the photo turned out to be very blurred and it's impossible to read the text. Is it possible to ...
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Vibration control for Sony NEX-3 exposures

My Sony NEX-3 (first model) does not have the Electronic First Curtain Shutter feature, so when I use it for Moon photos, the close, open/close, open cycle of the focal plane shutter always adds shake ...
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What plugin for Photoshop can I use to remove camera-shake blur?

What is the best anti blur plug-in for Photoshop image editor and how effective can it be without compromising with the image quality or increasing sharpness/noise? I am especially interested in ...
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