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making a picture profile for Lightroom

I want to make a picture profile to apply a solid color adjustment layer to a base edit. I have a look I want to make for lightroom profile. I am in camera raw and made the basic adjustments. not ...
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Why does a lens profile on Lightroom produce such noise artifacts?

I've recently switched to a new system (Canon R5 + Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8L) and I'm experiencing some unexpected noise artifacts when I apply lens profile corrections in Lightroom Classic CC (v12.2). ...
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1 answer

Why don't the values given by Argyll's scanin match what I see in darktable or Gimp

I'm trying to do a variation of the color profiling flow given in this post about color profiling I take an image of a Wolf Faust it8 target, turn off a bunch of the default processing that darktable ...
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Which camera profile to use with SpyderCheckr in Lightroom/Adobe Camera Raw for most accurate colors?

We are trying to achieve the best possible color accuracy in our product photos and we are currently using SpyderCheckr from Datacolor for that. We're photographing the color chart, but the software ...
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How does Lightroom associate a preset with a camera profile?

How does Lightroom associate a preset with a camera profile? Is this the UUID in the preset's .xmp file? If so, how/where is this associated with the .dcp file? The underlying issue I'm trying to ...
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