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Movement of the camera or parts of the camera during the course of an exposure.

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How can I do 4x5 rise/fall movements with super wide angle lenses?

I'm looking for super wide angle lenses, ideally 50mm and below. I'm only interested about decent rise/fall movements because I do mostly architecture, and I'd like to be very close to the subject. ...
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Strange light when shooting long exposure [duplicate]

I've been experimenting with some photography for a few months now and I noticed that this happens on pictures with lower shutter speeds: What is this, why does it happen and what can I do to prevent ...
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Is my Tamron lens VC (image stabilisation) working properly for long exposure photos taken with a tripod?

I am an amateur photography and although i have taken long exposure photos before, this is the first time for a while and with my new camera Canon EOS1300D. I am surprised at the blurry result. The ...
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Why in a photo light lines of street lamps? How to remove them?

Shutter speed - 32 sec. Aperture - f/9 ISO - 100 Lens - EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Focal Length - 39 mm I have took the photo through the window, with the lights off
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