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Is it better to transfer photos by removing the memory card or by directly using a data cable?

I can download the pictures from the camera using the data cable or I can unplug the card and plug into my PC's card reader. Both work and I couldn't notice big differences in speed or reliability. ...
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Are there risks in using a third-party TTL cable?

I see that the cables that support TTL offered by manufacturers such as Canon and Nikon for using a flash off-camera are fairly spendy and that there are some third-party cables at a fraction of the ...
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What is the name and type of cable needed to connect 2 or more strobes to a camera so all will go off simultaneously when clicking the shutter button?

Or are there splitting adapters for such purpose? I am afraid to connect them wrong and fry the camera? I have T2i Canon cameras without any ports for synch cables. My studio strobes have a 1/4" phone ...
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What kind of connector does this 5750dx promaster flash have and how can I connect it to my camera?

The type of camera I have is a Nikon D60. It slides into the hotshoe, but there are no connectors. The only connector on the flash looks like an audio jack, and I can't find out what kind of connector ...
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Differences between UC-E6 and UC-E17 USB cables

Nikon states that I should use either a UC-E17 or a UC-E6 USB cable with my D5200, and I'm not sure which to choose. Some sellers claim that the UC-E6 replaces the UC-E17, others that their cable is ...
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Why my Nikon D3200 does not output HDMI to external monitor?

I have a Nikon D3200 DSLR. It has a mini-HDMI output port and when I connect it to either my LG smart TV or my Dell U2415 computer monitor with a mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter, both screens does not show ...
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How do I protect the connections between chained usb cables when tethering?

I'm doing tethered shooting with my DSLR and sometimes when i need extra movement range I have to chain multiple active USB extensions cords with signal amplifiers. The connection between the computer ...
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Is a PC-sync cable universal and allows me to operate a flash of any brand with a PC-sync port from any camera that has a PC sync port?

For example suppose I have a Canon 7D and a Pentax flash AF360FGZ mounted on a hotshoe with a PC sync port. Can I connect that camera and flash to fire in sync? The goal is to shoot self-portraits.
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What are the different PC sync ports?

I have 3 devices and all of them seem to have different PC sync ports. Now which is which and what are the names of these ports? What cable is needed to connect all of them? I am attaching a picture ...
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Are there 3.5mm male to male flash sync cables?

I am really going out of my way to try to find such a piece of gear in the most common shops but I can literally not find it, that I felt the need to come here and ask for help. So I wanted to ask if ...
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Wired Flash Trigger Speedlite 470ex-ai 5D mark iv

I was interested in getting a flash for my 5D Mark iv, specifically the Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI, however, I currently use a top handle on camera since I also do a decent amount of videography. I was ...
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Proper Nikon D5600 Cables for Micro to Micro for IOS and Android Phone and/or tablet.

Having totally given up on using my "built in WiFi" with my D5600 I have decided to go with cable. So I picked up the USB to micro cable specifically designed to work with the D5600. Works just fine ...
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Aperture control flex ribbon replacement in Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II [duplicate]

Building upon this great answer to: Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II causes Err 01 only when zoomed beyond 135mm I'm pretty sure that the ribbon controlling aperture inside my Canon EF-S 55-250mm ...
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Is there a cable release that is compatible with both the 40D and the 70D?

I'm looking for an inexpensive cable release for my Canon EOS 40D. However, I plan on upgrading to a 70D somewhat soon. This is why I've been looking for a cable release that is compatible with both ...
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What kind of ports are these?

I just got this camera as a present as the preowner does not need it anymore. I would like to know which cables fit these slots (and eventually what they are for). Any help is appreciated. Edit: ...
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SIGMA fp intermittently not recognizing SSD connected via USB-C port

To rule out the obvious suspects: The SSD is right. Samsung T5, recorded a lot of 12bit 4K CinemaDNG with this very camera on it. The cable performance is right. Not the original T5 cable—I lost it ...
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