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Why are these film photos brighter than digital photos taken at the same time with the same settings?

I took two photos - first one with Canon 5D Mark III and the second one with analog Canon EOS 500N. I used the same lens (Canon 50mm ƒ/1.4) and settings (ISO/shutter/aperture) for both of them. The ...
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Why do my photos "glow"?

I have a Canon 60D and recently bought a Canon zoom lens EF 24-70mm 2,8L USM. Bright colours seem to "glow" or are blurry when I take photos. It does not seem to be blurred because of movement or ...
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Why are photos on my Nikon D3200 brighter on the LCD screen than on my computer?

When I snap a picture on my camera, in RAW+JPEG FINE mode, the camera shows me a bright photo, but when I watch it on my computer it becomes darker (less bright than on camera). It's not a software ...
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What causes outdoor photos to turn out bright white when taken with a digital camera?

I set my Canon Powershot A460 to automatic mode and took photographs outdoors. When I see the to-be-photographed area on the LCD, it appears normal; but when I take a picture, the photo turns out ...
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In Lightroom 3, what is the difference between exposure and brightness?

What's the difference between adjusting a photo's exposure versus its brightness? I created a virtual copy of a photo. The original's exposure was increased 1 stop. The other got an increase in ...
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14 votes
4 answers

Fixing the brightness level in a panoramic photo

I've created a panormamic photograph from 4 separate shots using AutoStitch. The panorama came out fine, except that the left side of the image is brighter than the right side: What's the best way to ...
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Why is a lens darker than other ones when applying the same settings?

I own a Nikon D500 DSLR, with a Nikkor 16-80 mm 1:2,8-4E ED VR lens. I noticed that this lens, when applying exactly the same settings (same ISO, same aperture, for instance F8.0, same Shutter speed, ...
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How can I use Photoshop to blend 2 photos together based on brightness?

Basically, I have 2 exposures of the same seen: 1 dark, 1 normal. I'd like all to replace all parts of the normal photo that are above a certain brightness with the same parts from the darker. ...
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How can I get nice, vivid colors in food photography without blown-out brightness from the flash?

Whenever I click pictures of people and food using flash, the whole picture becomes bright. When I click without flash, the camera takes in the light from the surroundings and gives me a monotonous ...
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What does it mean to brighten an image?

Courtesy of my optometrist, I now have images of my retinas. However, the images are a bit dark. I have RGB values for each pixel. In this setting, is brightening the image equivalent to increasing ...
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Does an aperture value exist, where a lens creates a brighter image than the real view?

So (without limitations of the viewfinder for example) looking through the viewfinder creates a brighter image than normal view would be. The lens would then work like a funnel(collects light from ...
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Different image viewer shows different color (brightness?) of jpg image

I'm not sure if I should ask this question here or not. I've some images, that have a problem, as the screenshot below shows: The softwares are as following (left to right, top to bottom): [qimgv] [...
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How to calculate difference in exposure between two given frames?

This question regards exposure. I have a project I am working on where I need to be able to calculate the exact number of stops between two given exposures, with the end goal being to match the ...
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